hey honey, here you can find out all the juicy deets about the services that i offer.
all pricing can be found on my booking system, nail art is priced additionally.

natural nails

from £35

A super strong, yet flexible gel is used to build structure over your natural nails which will allow you to get the naturally long and strong nails of your dreams. You will also get the pleasure of saying ‘these are my own nails!’ to everyone you meet.

This service is perfect for growing out shorties or to add strength to already long nails. It is also great for gals who are rough with their hands, smoothing out uneven nail beds or on weak, flaky or peeling nails.

A builder gel mani takes around 1 hour 15-30 mins to complete depending on the length of your nails and can last anywhere between 2-5 weeks depending on the length of your nails, how fast they grow, your lifestyle and how much re-growth you can stand.

I recommend 3-4 weeks for maintenance appointments, when you return, the colour layers will gently be removed with an electric file, before being infilled to rebalance the nail and rebuild the structure needed.

Soft Gel Exensions

from £40

Ready to see some real life magic? soft gel extensions are about to blow your mind. Think press on nails, but 100x sleeker, stronger & last up to 6 weeks.

Full cover tips, made from pure gel are custom sized to fit your nails, before being applied with gel for maximum adhesion. They are super light and flexible, but are stronger than you could imagine and near-impossible to snap (unlike acrylic).

Your nails are lightly prepped (just the same as for a gel polish) before the tips are applied with gel, gently buffed and colour is applied. They come in a variety of lengths & shapes and are soaked off at every appointment so style can be changed every time!

This service is perfect for adding instant length & for growing out your own nails underneath. Lasting between 2 & 6 weeks depending on how you use them & how much re-growth you can deal with.

soft gel extensions take around 1 hour 30 mins for single colour, plus an additional 30 mins if you need a set soaking off beforehand. I recommend 3-4 weeks for maintenance appointments, particularly if they are longer in length. When you return, the colour and bulk of the gel will be gently removed with an electric file, before being wrapped in acetone soaked pads to gently remove the gel, just like a gel polish!

all the deets

every single time you walk through the door, I want you to feel that your time here is entirely yours to do whatever you want with. whether you want to spend an hour chatting, gossiping, crying or sitting with your headphones in listening to a podcast, the time is completely yours. You will have a choice of drink provided, followed by a full consultation to check the health of your nails & to decide on what sassy design is going onto your paws. I will then check that you are happy throughout the treatment, nails are a collaboration honey!

All of the products which I use in the salon are vegan and cruelty free.

All tools are cleaned and sanitised between clients using the Navy Pro hygiene system. After washing your hands, your nails will be thoroughly prepped to ensure maximum longevity of your set. Each client will also be provided with their own set of nail files; which if you become a regular will be sanitised and stored to be used on your next visit.

Your choice of treatment will then be carried out, along with any nail art which you fancy & finished off with your choice of delish scented cuticle oil to re-hydrate your nails & cuticles (remember to oil your nails twice a day too babes!).

I want nothing more than for you to feel at home when you step through the door, I can’t wait to see you at my desk.

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